Conscious products for a better today


Victory Project exists to produce exceptional quality bags out of repurposed materials. Our focus is on helping you, the community, and the planet. 


We make everything from start to finish in the USA with American-made materials and upcycled leather suede. Everything is built using military-grade strapping and steel hardware to ensure it lasts two lifetimes. Should any component of your bag fail, we will repair or replace it free of charge. 

In purchasing a Victory Project bag you are directly helping to protect the planet. We exclusively use environmentally-friendly fabrics which are either made from natural fibers or upcycled. You will not find any vinyls, PVCs, or petroleum-based materials on any of our bags. We are exceedingly proud of the quality of our textiles which perform beautifully and truly stand the test of time. 

All of the suede we use is reclaimed from upholstery, gathered from a variety of sources, and put through a specialized washing process to ensure that it is uniform and durable. This process produces a beautiful suede that has not come directly from an animal, humanely circumventing an otherwise harsh system. Because we choose to source our suede from junked furniture, the creating of every bag helps reduce textile waste. There is also the added benefit of helping to reduce heavy metal and dye pollution from leather tanning, and off-gassing from the chromium reclaiming process in which old leather is burned. 

Your support enables us to manufacture domestically and prioritize using American-sourced fabrics and hardware; which benefits hard-working communities nationwide.